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Past history of FYC:

  • We are a non-profit organisation founded on 12 July 1950 by the Singapore Youth Council and the Boys’ Club with the involvement of Department of Education and Department of Social Welfare under the situation where after world war 2, there was a shortage of schools and children were not given enough education.

  • We were initially named as Federation of Boys’ Clubs (FBC) when founded, and was changed in 1985 to the current name, Federation of Youth Clubs, Singapore (FYC).

  • From 1974, FBC started to have regular international exchange programmes with Japan Yuai Youth Association where delegates were sent to attend their Asia Youth Leaders’ Seminars, International Youth Forums and the National Assembly for Youth Development (NAYD) Fellowship programmes for youth leaders abroad.

  • On 15 April 1989, we are proudly being voted into becoming an affiliate to the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). 

  • In 1994, FYC also sent representatives to visit the University of Beijing, China, building a bridge for FYC’s trainees to keep in touch with the youth in China and having a chance for culture exchanges in the future.

Chairman of Federation of youth clubs, Singapore: Mr Sim Soo Kwee

Modern Society: 

  • Being an independent organisation in our modern society today, FYC’s main source of funds is from its proceeds on annual sale of flags. FYC staff, lecturers as well as instructor are serving the Federation on voluntary basis.

  • We also aimed at reaching out to youths of all ages by providing exciting enrichment programmes.


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